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The Airline Quality Control Inspector is directly responsible to the Chief Inspector and responsible for performing RII inspections, hidden damage inspections, in-process inspections, and finial inspections on civil aviation articles that the 135 Air Carrier has been rated for.



•Work with the Chief Inspector to ensure the Quality Control Procedures outlined in the *Companies General Maintenance Manual (GMM) are enforced and followed by all maintenance personnel.

•Work with the Chief Inspector to establish the policies and procedures outlined in the GMM as they relate to the functions of the air carrier inspection department.

•Ensure that when maintenance is performed all work is accomplished in accordance with the Air Carriers manuals and that all required inspection items (RII) have been inspected, documented and marked as a “RII” on all required inspection records, forms and/or maintenance logs.

•Ensure maintenance personnel have and use the most current aircraft/component manufactures maintenance manuals, technical data, and required forms during maintenance on company aircraft.

•Ensure that precision tools and test equipment used by maintenance personnel are the proper tools and/or test equipment called out in the applicable maintenance manuals and are within the required calibration interval at the time of use.

•Ensure aircraft parts and/or components removed by maintenance personnel during the course of maintenance activities have been properly tagged listing the correct disposition to prevent the use of rejected and/or unserviceable parts. In addition, ensure the procedures for “Segregation and Handling of Parts” as outlined in the GMM is being followed by all personnel.

•Perform daily in-process inspections on company aircraft undergoing maintenance to assure all worked performed meets the requirements outlined in the GMM.

•Perform daily in-process reviews of all inspection records, forms and tags to ensure maintenance personnel are signing off inspection checklists progressively and all inspection findings & corrective actions have been documented on the work order with all required information as outlined in the GMM.

•Ensure that only serviceable and airworthy approved parts are installed as part of the maintenance performed by the air carrier.

•Monitor shelf life limited parts and materials used by the air carrier to ensure out of date items are not used on company aircraft.

•During the daily in-process reviews/Inspections, identify maintenance tasks that qualify as a major repair/alteration as outlined in the GMM and 14 CFR Part 43, ensure these tasks are clearly marked on the work order as such. Coordinate with the Lead Mechanic and Chief Inspector to ensure FAA approved data is available and used to perform the major repair/alteration.

•Perform maintenance records audit and finial inspection on company aircraft once maintenance is complete, this should include the following:  
   ◦Review all inspection records, work orders and forms to ensure maintenance personnel have completed and properly signed off all inspection   tasks and cleared all open discrepancies.
   ◦Ensure all required inspection items (RII) have been performed and documented.
   ◦If any major repairs/alterations were performed verify work was performed in accordance with FAA approved data and the corrective action sign-off references the approved data. Execute a FAA Form 337 outlining the work performed and forward to the Chief Inspector for review and approval. If an AFM supplement was included as part of the major repair/alteration make sure a copy has been placed in the AFM.
   ◦If any work performed required an update to the current aircraft weight and balance make sure all required forms have been completed and a copy of the updated weight and balance has been placed in the AFM.
   ◦If any Airworthiness Directives were complied with verify that the corrective action statement meets the requirements outlined in the GMM and 14 CFR Part 91.417.
   ◦Close out work order package with the required return to service and airworthiness release as outlined in the GMM.

•Any other job-related duties as assigned by the Chief Inspector.


•Hold a valid Mechanic’s Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings.
•Have 18 months of experience in maintaining aircraft as a certificated mechanic of the same category and class as the certificate holder uses or maintains.
•Must read, write, speak & understand the English language.
•Proficient in using tools, test equipment, and inspection aids applicable to the scope of work assigned.

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