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MarCal Professional Recruiting is an established Staffing & Employer Services Firm. We assist Companies both large and small, existing and new, find the right candidate to add a diverse element for the job at hand.

Meet Maria Calvillo

Maria Calvillo has served in the Staffing and Direct Hire Industry for over 20 years. MarCal Recruiting is an extension of her expertise & years of commitment to leading the right candidates to prosperous career paths. Her insightful experience has helped clients retain & build quality relationships with the candidates she has placed within their Company. As the workforce is continuously changing, Maria’s expertise at contracting diverse & competent individuals has led to successful Employer partnerships.

MarCal Professional Recruiting Employer Services Include:

Resume Writing & Revision, Interview Training & Preparation, and Career Guidance for new & seasoned candidates. Our Services reflect the needs that Employers seek during the Hiring Process

MarCal Professional Recruiting spends the appropriate amount of time searching for the ideal candidate that exudes all aspects of what the Employer is seeking to hire. From an in depth analysis of their work history to a comprehensive one-on-one sit down with the candidate to fully understand their career background.

Our Mission And Vision:

From our inception, MarCal’s Professional Mission is to align Employers with diverse individuals who are innate to adapting to the companies culture. Our ideal vision is to prepare the next generation of workforce inductees to be successful at obtaining their ideal career path, while bringing various concepts to the table. 

Our Promise to Companies –

For every Company and client that entrusts us to fulfill their staffing needs, we ensure to provide the necessary training and courses of action to prepare the candidate for success. Based on your Company Criteria, we align candidates that have met the requirements to the fullest.

Our Promise to Professionals –

MarCal Professional Recruiting Employee Services cater to the individual needs of every candidate that inquires and entrusts MarCal to set them up for success. If you are currently seeking guidance in your career, resume or need an overall moral boost to your job search, contact us today!

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